Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good and Bad

Well the good is that Bam finally started a nap in his bed today. He hasn't done this in two days. It was very nice to have some kid free time to get something done. We got the Christmas decorations and tree down. Yeah! I'm normally sad about taking the tree down, but I was very ready this year. I can't keep Lucas away from it and he's been braking more and more ornaments lately.

The bad. It's rater incredibly sad. We're going to have to put one of our cats down this week. She hasn't been herself for months. It's even worse because most of the time she seems fine. She's great with the kids and us and is as lovey as can be. But she decided a couple of months ago that she no longer likes our other cat that we've had for four years. She growls as soon as he walks in the room and attacks him if he comes close. The poor guy has scratches and bites all over him. She's also gone to spraying anytime she gets upset or peeing on the floor in front on the litter box. Nothing we've done seems to make her happy. So needless to say we are very sad that we are going to lose our first baby. She was our first pet together. She's definitely had her share of health problems (this behavior started after her last problem was treated) but she's been a good cat until recently. She will be dearly missed. It's going to be hard to explain it to the kids as they are very attached to her also.

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