Monday, December 15, 2008


Well Sweet and Sugar had their Dr apts last week. I do believe that Sugar and Bam now weigh the same. I say believe because Bam was weighed naked on the baby scale and Sugar got to keep his clothes on and stand on the big kid scale. Sugar also moved up on the height scale, Yeah! He's up to the 20th percentile! He's still not on the chart as far as weight is concerned, but he's made progress. Sweet has managed to maintain her status of being right around the midline on everything. I am so thankful the have three happy healthy beautiful children.

I think we're ready for Christmas with the kids. Wrapping is done and gifts are assembled. Yeah! I still have to pick up a couple gift certificates this week and get a couple odds and ends, but nothing big.

Chuck's birthday was this weekend. We didn't really do anything special for it. We did have a family dinner on Sunday to celebrate with my side of the family, which is always nice. The kids had fun and everyone ate too much. Bam had a bad napping day and was miserable last night, but is back to himself today. He's getting more molars in and I'll be happy when he's done cutting teeth. My kids definitely love the family get togethers. Bam loves to ham it up and make everyone laugh. Sugar loves playing with his cousin who's about a year older than him (they are too cute together). Sweet loves all the people to love on.

Sugar and Sweet, but more Sugar is into singing Christmas carols now. They especially love jingle bells. Sugar knows all the words and will sing it everytime he hears the melody. It's very cute. The kids love Christmas decorations. Sugar loves to point out Christmas lights. We were doing an errand the other night and he was looking at lights. We got to a stretch of the road where no one had lights. Sugar starts calling out "Christmas (where) are you?" It was too cute.

I wish the weather would decide what it wanted to do. It will snow one day and rain the next. We haven't gotten enough snow to really take the kids out to play in it. The grounds not even frozen. Definitely a strange December here. Of course since I have time to play in it and don't have to drive much in it this year we won't get much.

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