Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween and Then Some

Happy Halloween! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love haunted houses and scary movies. I loved getting to dress up as a kid. You can be anything you want to be, even if it's just for one night.

Two out of three of the kids love the Halloween stuff. One likes most of it, but is a little more skittish about masks and loud animated decorations. We've been trick or treating twice so far, once at a local grocery store and once at an outlet mall. The grocery store was a quick little fun thing for them. The outlet mall was very crowded and a good intro for the Sugar to get used to masks and scary costumes at night. They didn't get many goodies since the lines were really long but they did get to ride the train again.

Tonight is trick or treating with family and friends. We always meet up at a family members house for dinner, trick or treating, and handing out some candy too. Trick or Treating is definitely more scary now that I have a little one with food allergies. He can't have most of the candy that he'll probably receive tonight. I bought a bad of stuff that he can have so that I can trade him.

We carved pumpkins the other night. Sweet is still the only one who enjoys it. The boys wanted nothing to do with cleaning out the pumpkin. Sweet on the other hand didn't want any help. Bam is a huge fan of the toasted pumpkin seeds. Sugar loves to look at his pumpkin at night.

We've been busy this month trying to get things ready for winter. I got the basement cleaned so that the kids can start using it as extra play space again. I got some of the smaller gym set and some of the outdoor toys cleaned up and brought them in. We've also had quite a few family(extended) illnesses or surgeries. I hope everyone recovers soon.

We had a dry spell long enough for us to get some of the leaves in a pile. Sweet loves to be burried in them. Sugar enjoys playing in them and running through them. Bam would rather use the rake.