Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sleep revisited.

Formula has turned out to be a wonderful thing. Last night he only woke one time and the night before that, twice. Mixing isn't so bad, I nurse during the day, and we're both sleeping at night.

The kids had a play date the other day. My friend that I grew up with and lived with frosh year brought her little girl over, who is 5 months older than Sweet and Sugar. Sweet definitely wasn't at her best and didn't play much, but Sugar had a blast. They were so cute, holding hands and playing.

Sweet seems to be becoming more aware of going to the bathroom. I think we're going to get a potty chair and start working with her. I looked up the sign for potty yesterday and am starting to try to get her to use it. We'll see how it goes. I don't expect it to be a smooth quick journey.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not so lucky with the zzz

Well last night we experimented with formula. Half formula and half milk. He drank 8oz. He had eaten an hour and half before this too. No luck was still up 4 times with him. Maybe he just needs to get used to the formula. I'm hoping that's it.

On the bright side. One of my friends from work should come back from Iraq this week. He will hopefully be home by Saturday at the latest. I can't wait to see him again. He's been greatly missed. We'll all be thankfully to have him back again even though he's not going to be returning to all of his previous positions, which makes me sad since he helps maintain my sanity while working with some individuals.

My FIL has also agreed to come to our house to watch the kids for us. I think it will be easier on everyone. We would have to haul everything to their house since they don't have any kid things and the kids would be on the third floor to sleep and he would be on the first which would be a problem with no monitors. It's only like 3 hours a day 2 days a week, but it's so so appreciated!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Bam turns 5 months tomorrow. Last night was the first time that he slept threw the night. It was incredible to sleep again. Since my husband works nights it's been me who has to get up, plus the fact that I'm nursing. So now I'm playing with the idea of giving him formula before bed, since last night he bottle fed (we went out) and drank 12 ounces in the 2 hours before bed. Most babies are eating baby food by now which helps hold them over, but we have celiac in our family so I don't want to start him on food until 6 months in hopes of lowering his chance of getting it. I just don't think that my milk is enough to tide him over all night.

It was also nice to go out. We haven't gone out much since Bam was born, actually since Sweet and Sugar came home. My parents watch them in the afternoons while I'm at work so I feel bad asking them to watch them at night too. I don't know many people who I think would do well with 2 17month olds and 1 5 month old. My parents are going on vacation soon so it will be up to my father in law to watch them, so it will be interesting. I'm very thankful that he's willing to try it. I hope that it goes well.

We went out with the group of physicians that we work with and the other ATCs. We do it every year, they take us out as a thanks. It's gotten to be a rather interesting event in the last couple of years because of some bad blood between my boss and them, but that's a whole other story. But none the less it's a great meal, good conversation, and an overall good time.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

First Post!

Well it looks like I've jumped on the band wagon. I'm going to try blogging. Not sure how often I'll post, but I'll give it a go.

A year ago today life started to look a little brighter. Today is the anniversary of Sweet's out! The news gave me the hope that I needed to get thew the rest of the adoption, even though it would still be almost 3 months to the day before we would be able to bring both of them home.

I have to say that going out with 3 children as close in age as ours are makes for some interesting comments from random strangers. Yesterday a lady walked up to us and asked us their ages and then said "well have you figured out how it happens yet?" To which we reply "Yes, we adopted 2." Since she apparently couldn't figure that out since 2 are adopted from Guatemala and I am incredibly fair complected with a strawberry cast to my hair. Hello! I wish I had their coloring. I also love the comments when I go out with them on my own of "wow you're a brave lady." Yes, very brave for not wanting to depend on another person to enter the real world with my children to run errands and such. Or "how do you get them to sleep when you go out?" Well you see I drug them all prior to leaving to make my experience more enjoyable, j/k all I can say is luck. Thankfully my children either sleep or are very happy when we get out.

Here's a Q for those of you with little ones. How much does your child eat at any given meal. It seems to me that my kids eat an obnoxious amount of food most of the time. They come close to eating as much as an adult and they're only going on 17 months (combined they eat more than an adult). I'm afraid of what our grocery bills will be in the future.