Thursday, May 8, 2008

This and That

Gotta love teething biscuits.

Well Bam mastered the stairs and is off. It's kind of nice that he can go where he wants and amuse himself now. But of course there's a downside. He gets into everything. I don't remember having this much trouble teaching Sweet and Sugar what they were not allowed to touch. Using his full name usually makes his stop for a moment, but he just stops turns and smiles at you and then goes back to whatever he was getting in trouble for.My little ham.

On the other hand Sugar has returned. I have desperately missed the sweet fun loving little boy who was replaced by a whiny, ornery child during the teething process. I'm happy to say that his last tooth is about 1/2 way in. Yeah! Emerson also got stung for the first time this week. Poor little guy swelled so bad, scared me.
Sweet's hair almost all up in one band.

Unfortunately Sweet is starting to get another tooth again and is whiny. She doesn't get so ornery like Sugar, but everything makes her cry. Sweet rarely cries. When she's teething, there are days when she rarely isn't crying. Chuck decided to take Sweet for a haircut last night while I was at work. They ended up cutting quite a bit off which made me a little sad since her hair was finally getting long enough to put all of it up together. Oh well it will grow back.
Playing nice together.

Sweet and Sugar have both begun to talk a little more. They're still not initiating is so much, but can repeat some words if you ask them. It is a start.
Sweet has found that she can stick her head through the whole, but has problems getting it out.