Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On the move

Yesterday Bam starting scooting/army crawling. I can't believe that he's already on the move!

We often have problems fitting Bam's chunky legs into this chair, but Sugar sits in it with ease.

This morning Sweet figured out that blocks are also for building, not just knocking down. Maybe she'll be able to knock down her own towers now.

Earlier this morning Sweet decided that it was so cold that her polar bear hat needed a hat.

Monday, February 11, 2008

what a weekend

This was definitely and eventful weekend. It started with Chuck not being numb for some work that he had done Friday and him being sore all weekend. Of course the kids were ornery Friday afternoon and evening. Saturday afternoon the power went off. We hung around for a couple of hours and then they said it wouldn't be on till 8 so we took off to his parents. We loaded the kids up and got home around 7:45 to find out that the keys had been removed from my car and the power wasn't supposed to be on until after 10. We ended up having to break into the house which was quite the site since neither of us have had to break into a door and all of our windows are locked. It probably took us at least 20 minutes. After words we went in and lit candles since the house had only dropped 2 degrees. We brought the kids and and bundled them up for the night and I started to get them ready to go to bed and Chuck went out to move the car in, the power came back on. Sunday I went to a baby shower for a good friend of mine. I'm so happy for her and her husband. This is their first and she's been threw a lot with this little one, she's due next month and the morning sickness hasn't let up at all. She's not a girly girl and not into showers, but a good time was had by all.
As for the kids, Sweet's fourth tooth is coming in pretty good and I bet she'll get her next two pretty soon. Sugar's working on his second set of molars. Sweet and Sugar have learned a few new signs. We got a potty chair and we're trying to encourage their interest. Both have learned the sign for potty and are starting to use it when they have a messy diaper so there is hope. Bam is doing well sitting independently and he's been laying on his belly kicking and reaching so crawling may be in his near future.
A little Bam cuteness.

Sweet always happy to chill in a chair that's her size.

Sugar has decided that wrestling is his sport. He loves to take Sweet down and hold her there. She's not such a big fan of it.

Sugar has decided that Wheel of Fortune is the coolest show ever. He gets all excited and claps for the contestants.

Sweet and Sugar chilling together.

All 3 of my kiddos.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Growth Spurt

Looks like Bam is going threw another growth spurt. He hasn't been sleeping well the last few nights, even with the formula. The little bugger is growing too fast. I told Chuck last night that even though I really miss sleep, I really going to miss being able to cuddle with him whenever I want. That's one of my favorite things about babies they always want to cuddle or sleep in your arms. Sweet and Sugar are too busy to do that anymore.
Susan watched the kids yesterday. All went well with Sweet and Sugar, but Bam was trying. He threw one of his tantrums. Poor Susan called to make sure it was still ok for her to watch them next week. Of course. As long as she's willing. He was just ornery. The tantrum continued for Chuck till he took a short nap and then all was better.
I get to have adult conversation again tonight. We have a LCATS meeting after work tonight. I always enjoy them and they're free CEUs.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rotten Eggs

That's what life is throwing right now. FIL couldn't watch the kids yesterday and Chuck couldn't sleep in the morning so Chuck was sleep deprived and I was on my own with the kids last night. Top it off with kids who were really rotten. I do really look forward to the evenings when Chuck can help with child care. It's nice to have another adult around to help and talk to.
Not such a big deal until we have more rotten eggs today, really rotten at that. I love my children. I always have and always will but today is one of those days where I'm not real fond of them. Today is lets team up and do everything we're not supposed to do day. A lets see how far we can push mom before she snaps day. Top it off with there will be no help from Chuck today and I didn't get much sleep last night.
Chuck had to stay after work to vote on stuff today and then stop to get his hair cut on the way home. When he got home he discovered that the spring on our garage door broke, keep in mind that we replaced our nice light hollow garage door with a nice big heavy solid wood one. So now we can't get my car out and we have to have someone come fix it tomorrow. Hmm last month the stove dies, this month the garage door, can't wait to see what next month will bring.
Now I'm off to finish laundry. Oh joy. And figure out something to make for dinner. I know, you're thinking how do I handle all of this excitement. All the while I will hope that all of my children take nice long naps and wake up happier well behaved individuals.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sports are a hit.

The kids did well last night. Sugar and Bam were enthralled with the basketball game. Sweet occasionally watched. I think Sweet's mouth was hurting last night. Everyone doted over the kids. More of the people that I work with got to meet them. Sugar and Sweet weren't themselves. Sugar was the shy guy, even with the ladies. Sweet on the other hand warmed up to everyone pretty quickly.
It was wonderful to see John again. He lost some weight again, he says 40#, but I don't think he's as skinny as he was last time he came back. I think he was a little overwhelmed by everyone showing up to see him. They were going out after the game, I hope all had fun and were careful.

Cute smile, but wild hair.

Dad says that we look like thugs here.

Brotherly Love

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Home Coming

Tonight we're going to go see my friend from work that just got back from his second tour in Iraq. I haven't seen him since Dec of 06. At that time we had just gotten back from our visit trip so he got to see pics of Sweet and Sugar. He was sad that they would old enough to walk by the time he came home, and they are. He didn't even know about Bam at that time since we had just found out. This will be the first time that the kids have attended a high school sporting event. It should be interesting. Hopefully our BIL will be home soon too.

Things are going well with my FIL watching the kids. Everyone seems to be adjusting pretty good. He watched them for us on Friday so that we could go see Cirque de Soleil Saltimbanco. It was truly incredible. The things that the performers can do are amazing. I definitely recommend the show.

Sugar and Sweet are starting to mimic more. Lately it has been animal sounds. They are definitely enthralled with them. It's nice to see some progress in the speech department. While I'd love to have them start using a few words, I'm definitely not worried about it. I know once they start talking, they'll never stop.

A few pics to make you smile.

I love this one.

Bam showing off his sitting abilities.

Sugar and his smile.

Sweet smiling, but always closing her eyes for the pics.