Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lots of Pictures

How can you not love that hair? It's too cute. Chuck keeps saying that it's too long and needs cut, but I'm having a hard time with cutting the curls. What do you think?

Don't worry guys, I'll just help myself to the book I want.

This is a welcome sight, sort of. I'm so glad that he's finally getting interested enough in books to sit down and look at them and occasionally sit and listen to a story. Now if only he would stop tearing and eating them.

What a basket full of cuteness. They love the laundry basket, too bad it always leads to fights over it.

What can I get for ya?

Chuck says that he looks like the robber from home alone in his new hat. I just think it's cute.

Could he be a little more relaxed watching tv.

Bam hasn't been able to make it through the morning without falling asleep lately due to his desire to wake up earlier. If he doesn't get to sleep for 30 minutes before lunch this is what happens.

Kinda funny that I normally don't get many pictures of Bam and most of them are of him this month. I'll have to get more of Sweet next time.

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sjadams said...

Looks like you have your hands full:) How are things going?