Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad to Good or at least Better

Yesterday morning was one of those days. A day when mom can't make anyone happy, or at least not everyone at the same time. A morning filled with hitting, biting, pushing, taking, throwing, crying, and pure unhappiness (is that even a word). Sometimes being a mother of three little ones can be very overwhelming. The good news Daddy came home from work and mommy got a few minutes to go fold laundry by herself in the basement (yes, it was that bad that folding laundry was a good time), everyone took good naps, everyone woke up happy.

Today is a much better day. Maybe it's that I got a few errands done this morning and only took one child with me for them. Everyone seems to be in a better mood even though two are teething and one yet again for like the trillionth time this year has diaper rash so bad that he's blistering and bleeding (poor little guy, and yes I did tell the Dr about it at his last check up). I'm trying a new diaper cream on him so lets hope that it helps. The Dr also recommended that I increase his fat intake when he gets it (I admit it, they don't get a lot of fat) so Lilly and Emerson should thank him for having diaper rash since lunch consisted of several foods that they don't often get, fried fish, chips, and ice cream. That said, they also had corn and apples, because I can't stand for them to just eat junk and the portions of ice cream and chips were very limited.

Speaking of Dr apt. Bam had his check up last week. It seems that he has fallen below the 50th percentile for everything. Should I be surprised considering our size? Probably not, but I am. I had it in my head that he's going to be big. Maybe it's because of how fast he grew after he was born that is, or how freakishly strong he is for a one year old. I'm kind of wondering if part of it (his decline in the growth chart) is due to his lack of vit D consumption. He's not a fan of milk. He nursed well and then did well with the switch to formula, but is not a fan of milk. He would much rather drink water than milk. If I can get 10oz of milk in him it's a really good day. The Dr didn't seem to concerned since he eats other dairy, but we've put him on a vitamin regardless. If nothing else I feel better about it. I've also started making the yogurt with whole milk for the kids again. He is a fan of that and I've tweaked the recipe a little to get it to a better consistency. Who knows. Only time will tell. Maybe he's meant to be a small powerhouse. Sweet and Sugar have their check ups later this week, what fun that should be.

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