Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mother Letters Recieved

True to his word, the man behind the mother letter project sent out a copy of all of the letters that he had received on Christmas eve. He will be sending another email with the letters he received on Christmas eve and Christmas day. I've been reading them, a couple a day when I have a moment. They are absolutely incredible. I've cried every day that I've read letters. It's a wonderful gift. All of the insight, advice, and just stories from other mothers.

Today was one of those days. Bam decided he didn't want to nap. I was not happy. Nap time is my time to get things done. I had dinner to make, floors to clean, and I was hoping to get to use the fit for awhile, but no not today. I was feeling very selfish during this time. I let him fuss for a few minutes while I got dinner to a place where I was able to stop and go back to it and then I went and got him. It took about 40 minutes of cuddling on the couch to get him to fall asleep. Afterwords, I didn't want to go finish dinner, I wanted to keep holding him.

Reading the letters really brings everything back into perspective. So thank you to Seth for giving your gift to all of us who contributed.

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