Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week in review

Blah! That's exactly how I feel. Bam got sick again this week and was kind enough to spread it around again. Sweet and Sugar fought it off in a day, but Sweet has a runny nose again Sugar has a fever again so apparently it's trying to make a come back. Chuck and I started to get it a couple of days ago so hopefully it won't last too much longer. I think our family has a curse on it. The kids always seem to get sick for every holiday. They were sick on or during the week of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and now Christmas. Hopefully we'll be healthy for Christmas or maybe New Years.

Our new bed came last Monday and we got it together on Tuesday. It is absolutely wonderful. As an added bonus, it has features that we wanted, but the salesman said were not included in this model. Apparently he was mistaken. It's so comfy and going from a full to a queen makes a huge difference.

Friday I got to go to my former employer's Christmas party. It was really nice. The party was nice, it always is. But it was also wonderful to get to see all of my former coworkers. I really do miss the people that I worked with and the kids that I worked with. I stopped in at my old office on the way to the party and got to see a few extra people. I love being able to stay home and raise the kids (and the kids are excelling and doing wonderfully because of it), but I definitely miss parts of my former life at times. I can always to back to a job in my field, but the time I have with the kids now is irreplaceable.

Tomorrow we go to court. Chuck filed to have his birth certificate changed. His step mother will now legally be his mother. Definitely a huge step. After we readopted Sweet and Sugar, he decided it was something that he wanted to do and he realized how much it would mean to his step mom.

I can't believe Christmas is this week. I probably won't post much this week either since Chuck will be off work for a few days and we'll be doing family things. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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