Monday, March 31, 2008

A Glimpse of Spring

Today I'm sure was just that, a glimpse. Unfortunately I had to work, but thankfully Chuck had the day of and took the kids outside to play for awhile after naps. He's such a good Daddy that he even thought to put their old jackets on encase someone wiped out. Lucas was the only one that got to wear his new spring jacket that Grandma A got him for Valentines (thanks Grandma!). Daddy was also good enough to take some pics and video so I didn't totally miss out. Here are some of my favorites.

This would be Sweet's excited face. She also has an excited sound that I can't do justice in trying to describe. It's kid of a mix between a laugh and a yell.

Sugar was so happy to be out and running at full speed. He ran for almost the entire 40 minutes that he was outside at full speed.

He was however a very good boy and always came running back when he was told that he was far enough down the driveway.

Bam joined the group, but stayed in his seat. He got to enjoy the change in scenery and the fresh air. It won't be long before he's crawling in the grass, that is if it ever dries out.

I hate going to work and missing out on things like this. There are times that I hate my job because of it and a thousand other reasons, but there's always a flip side. I'm glad that I can financially contribute to our family, I like working with the kids (most of the time), I'm glad that we're able to save for college for 3, sometimes a break (even if it's going to a job) makes me a better mommy, I love how they all want mommy when I come home, and I get to have all summer off with them. I can't wait till summer!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A few pics

I haven't been good about keeping up with the blog with work and all so here are a few cute pics to share.

I brought the ergos back out to see if they would like them. They both love being on the back. Sugar warmed up to the front after awhile. I was able to carry all 3 like this. Nothing like having about 45# strapped to you and holding another 19#. Hmm maybe I should wear them while doing housework and lose some more weight.

Sweet and Sugar got shades in their Easter Baskets. Sweet wasn't so sure of them.

Sugar loved his shades.

We need a bigger chair for this!

Easter outfits

Tired out

My sleeping beauty
I think Sugar has now cut all of his top teeth. Bam had his first tooth pop through on Easter. Sweet still only has four. Bam is going to pass Sugar up in weight soon and Sweet in teeth. Bam is now pulling up to standing. He's also working on trying to figure out how to move forward on his hands and knees, so far he can only find reverse. Sweet and Sugar are amazing big brother and sister,bringing Bam toys when he's upset and giving kisses. Truly lucky to have such wonderful kids.