Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teething and Cuteness

What was God thinking when he thought of teething? Sugar was great. I say this because he was a really incredibly nasty child when he was teething, but he did it very quickly. At one point he cut five teeth at the same time! And No, I don't blame him for being nasty during the process I can only imagine how that felt.

Sweet and Bam don't seem to be in a rush for teeth. They are definitely dragging their feet. Sweet is about 27 months now and still doesn't have all of her teeth. She's still got three to go. Lately she's been waking up sobbing, which I can only guess is from the teeth since Sweet rarely cries. The poor child breaks my heart. I've tried hylands, IB profin, and tylenol, but none seem to help much. I imagine it's like taking tylenol for a migrane.

Bam just got his first molar in at 15 months. He's a mean child right now. He is constantly biting and I can't seem to break him of it. I hope that it's just because he's teething at it will go away on it's own, because nothing that I seem to do to try to discourage it is helping. I hope the other three molars come is quicker than the first one or we're going to look like purple people eaters by the time he's done. I guess I should look on the bright side, he's leaving bruises, but at least he's not breaking the skin.

I haven't posted much cuteness lately so I thought that I'd post a few pictures. We took pictures for Christmas cards the other day. Trying to get two two year olds and a one year old to sit still, smile, and be nice to one another is not an each task. While I'm not going to post the one that we picked I will post some of the duds and runner ups. Sugar is sad in some of them because he now wants to be behind the camera watching the screen to see what you're taking a picture of instead of getting his picture taken. This led to tears. Sweet was willing the cheese it up. Bam had no idea what was going on, the first picture totally should have a caption of "Hey Sugar, why are we dressed up and sitting on a blanket on the couch?" While the last one says "This is stupid, I'm out of here."

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