Thursday, June 11, 2009

Long Time

It's been a long time since I posted and a lot has changed.
Sweet is now in a big girl bed and loves it. The transition could not have gone any better. She likes to crawl in and pull her blankets on, most of the time. Occasionally she wants mommy to still put her in bed. She still wants picked up out of bed when she wakes. She still waits in her bed for me to come get her when she wakes up too. I sleep in a big girl bed is now the first thing that she tells new people. It went so well and everyone was so jealous of her big girl bed that Sugar transitioned to one a few days later.
I was more nervous about Sugar making the transition, but it also went flawlessly. He also still cries or calls for me to come get him when he wakes. The biggest issue with him has been he doesn't know if he want to be put in bed or climb in bed which has led to a few breakdowns, what decisions! Mom has instituted the rule that he has to climb into bed and then I will give him another kiss and hug after he's in. That seems to have rectified the situation for now.
Bam loves the big kid beds, but I am no where near ready for him to have one even though I did catch him trying to climb out of his bed the other day. Lovely. Sweet and Sugar only tried to climb in their cribs, not out of them.
We have also gotten rid of the high chairs. Everyone's now in a booster seat at one table. It really kind of nice to have a family dinner. Plus the extra space is wonderful. Our house looks so much bigger.
Bam is finally starting to talk a little more. I'm relieved that he's finally starting to talk, but at the same time, I'm not completely looking forward to having another mouth constantly running. Speaking of, Sweet never stops talking or singing. When she runs out of things to say, she narates by pointing out everything in the room or who everyone is or what everyone is doing. It's gotten to the point that Bam now covers his ears at times to block her out. Her new question is what time it is? Sometimes she does read the numbers off of the clock to me, which I am very impressed with.
Bam is in a bit of a shy stage and suddenly doesn't want to play at the playground (indoor, outdoor is never a problem) half of the time. He's very cuddly and reserved around new people, which is very different for him.
Sugar is rather ornery lately. I think it's the 3s that everyone keeps talking about. He just is getting there a little early. I hope it disapears fast. He's back to throwing huge dramatic fit, taking, instigating, talking back, etc. I miss my sweet little boy and hope he returns soon.
Sweet has also mastered her bike. She does pretty well. She struggles every once in awhile on our driveway since it slopes, but does great on grandma's. I do think that if just may be her favorite thing to do.
Sugar hasn't mastered it yet. I'm not sure if he's strong enough to push up our driveway.
Bam wishes that he was big enough to reach to peddles. He loves to sit on Sugar's bike and be pushed around.

Sweet is also really into dressing up. She's always loved to put extra things on so it should come as no supprise. Grandma has costumes and Sweet likes Cinderella (she's suddenly into princesses even though she doesn't watch the movies) but the clown is by far her favorite and is what she's almost always in at Grandma's house.

And now here are some cute pictures.

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