Thursday, June 25, 2009

Healthy Family Please?

So our extended families haven't been healthy in awhile. One relative just got out of the hospital for an infection which was a complication of surgery and now has to have a PIC line for quite some time. One relative just went back to the hospital yesterday for an infection. This relative is also undergoing experimental treatments for the dreaded C. Plus another relative found out yesterday that last year's surgery didn't take and needs to have it redone, oh and this time it will be more invasive. It seems that everyone around us is falling apart. While I'm thankful that it's not my children that are ill, it still stinks.

The weather here is too hot. It's in the nineties and horribly humid. I hate being cooped up in the house with the kids, but it's miserable outside. So we go out to play in the pool in the evening. Today it's storming on top of the heat and humidity. Maybe we'll run errands tonight since we can't go out and play.

The good news lately is that one of our friends who we met up with at the zoo gave us their old power wheels and Chuck found one today at a garage sale. We need to get a battery for one and a charger for the other, but that's a lot more affordable than a new power wheel. We also have a little motorcycle that my parents gave us, it doesn't have enough traction/power to drive in the grass, but they have fun with it on the driveway. We had another power wheel that a family member had gotten used for us, but it shorted out, we'll have to see, maybe we'll rewire it if it's not to complicated. I'm not sure that I'm ready for multiple motorized vehicles going in different directions, bicycles are bad enough.

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