Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week in Review

Hmm lets see. We went to the zoo on Monday and it was awful. The traffic trying to get into the zoo was atrocious. They had record attendance. We normally let the kids walk around at the zoo, but not with that many people, so no it wasn't as fun as normal for anyone. Didn't think about the fact that monday is free the the residents of the county, just thought it might be a fun day at the zoo. Why didn't we turn around or go to a neighboring zoo? Dinosaurs. We had already told the kids that they would be seeing them and to not see them would have been devistating to them. So at least we got to see the Dinosaurs and it wasn't packed there. The kids absolutely loved them too.
Upon leaving the zoo we did have a rather unpleasant experience. I've gotten lots of questions, comments, and looks since bringing the kids home. It comes with the territory. I'm used to it and most of the time I'm happy to educate and answer questions. But I had never been stared down by someone of Latino/Hispanic ethnicity. A group of people were sitting in the parking lot glaring at us while we loaded the kids and stroller in the car. Talk about infururating. Get over it. Yes some of our kids are different ethnicities. Yes our kids are loved more than anything. Yes our kids are very well cared for. I'm sure it's just the first of many times that it will happen, just like the rude comments.
I will never forget the first rude comment. I was obviously pregnant with Bam and checking out with Sugar and Sweet at Walmart. The cashier looked at me and said I guess you should have waited a little longer huh. At the time I was so taken aback that I didn't reply. Currently I could think of probably 20 quick reponses. Like yeah I guess the other line are longer for a reason like if you want an intelligent cashier. Or how dare you comment on my family when you don't know me. Or I wouldn't have it any other way or I couldn't imagine my life without any of MY children. Ignorance.
Back to the kids. Sugar is in this phase of putting things in his mouth again. It drives me nuts. He's old enough to know what should not go in his mouth. He hasn't put things in his mouth (until recently) for a really long time. It really grosses me out and he's really determined to do it no amount of time outs, lost privlages, etc seem to persuade him to stop putting things in his mouth.
Bam is doing pretty well trying to get more words all the time. I'm not sure why I was so excited about him learning to talk, since he's already learned how to talk back and fight with mom. Not really so excited about his verbal skills anymore. He's also suddenly become emotional. Telling him no suddenly breaks his heart and leads to sobs. This is new and not really something that I'm fond of, although it is amusing at times.
Sweet is starting to occasionally resist bed time. This is something I've been dreading. They've always gone to bed willingly. They've even asked for bed before. Now on occasion she tries to dely bed time with extra potty trips, or longer talks, or trying to lenghten the bed time routine in anyway. She's beginning to sleep less at night. I'm not ready for this yet and I hate having her wake up before six, regardless of if she's up late or not.
Tomorrow we have my nephew's dance recietal to go to. Saturday I have a bake sale for the group I volunteer for. Sunday is our pastor's last sunday with us so we have a pot luck after service and then of course father's day festivities at my parents' house. Monday I am very much looking forward to. We are going to meet up with my college roommate and her family, and one of Chuck's college buddies and his family at a zoo we've never been too. It should be a wonderful day. I'm hoping for good weather.

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Michelle Smiles said...

We didn't make it to the zoo this spring - it rained every day that it was warm enough to go. And I swear, the second it stopped raining it got too hot. I'm not a huge fan of wandering around in the heat but aside from that, I worry that Tessa is too young to handle it at all.

And comments? Some people are stupid. I've had many...the one that surprised me the most was from a man who adopted from China. I didn't know he had adopted when he asked "Where'd you get her?" I almost answered Wal-Mart but at the last moment decided to give him a break and said "She is Guatemalan." He then told me about his adoption - surprised me that he didn't ask the question in a more sensitive manner.