Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend in Review

Who decided that it was a good idea to have a children's dance recital last like four hours? Who ever it is, is an idiot. We left after the intermission (an hour and forty minutes into it). Lets say that my kids were very well behaved for their ages, there weren't any fits or tears, but they definitely were not going to sit still for that long. Thus we were all more than ready to leave at intermission. Sorry that we didn't get to see my nephew dance in the second half.

The weather was awful on Saturday and our bake sale was a bust. At least someone benefited from it. We donate the left overs to project MUNCH. So baking in the heat was not in vane.

Sunday was sad. Our pastor's last sermon was good, as always and hit home. We started going to our church when we were looking for a church to get married in. We fell in love with our church and the pastor. He hasn't been a pastor his whole life. He held a "normal" job before that. I think it gives him a little different approach to his sermons and people. Plus he knows us and our story. He baptized the kids and myself. He talked about changes in his sermon and part of why he thinks that they're so hard is that we have to start over and tell our story to someone else. He's right. He knew us before we were married, before we had kids, through the adoption, through the pregnancy, and all the other challenges. It's hard to start over.
That said I do welcome the new pastor. I hope that I enjoy listening to him as much as Steve. I hope that he brings a new perspective and style. I hope he fits well in our church.

Monday was wonderful. I very much enjoyed getting to see my college roommate and her family and one of Chuck's college buddies and his family. We had a great time at the zoo, Columbus did just get ranked #1. It was nice to go somewhere other than Akron or Cleveland. The weather was beautiful, but hot. The kids loved it and were so good that it was unbelievable. We got our first taste of having the kids in the car for a long stretch and they did very good. They didn't nap much though, especially Sweet so after dinner we went out to play in the water.

Sugar has also entered that "why?" stage. He has a why for everything. It doesn't matter how many times you answer the question why. There's always a why for your response. Tonight I finally said I don't know. He said oh hmmm why mommy? I ended it with a laugh and you're a goofy child, which made him giggle.

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Claudia said...

Oh boy. Dance recitals. My parents would never let me dance - they claimed it was because I was too uncoordinated (sadly, true) but later my mother told me that it was because she just couldn't stand the thought of having to go to dance recitals. I thought she was really mean, but.... now I can really, really see her point!! Im' impressed you made it to the interval :)