Friday, March 20, 2009

What a Day

So today my SIL called and said that she could come give Bam his first hair cut. So today was supposed to be about Bam getting his hair cut. Yes, he did get it cut and he looks like a totally different child. Yes, I do love it, but I am sad that there are no more curls. Thankfully, my SIL was wonderful enough to set some aside for me to save.

During his hair cut, the other kids (mine and my niece and nephew) were running around playing, when we heard a thud and Sugar started screaming. He had fell and hit the back of his head on the corner of a toy box. Let me say that in my former employed life, I loved blood and guts. That's what I worked with, it was exciting. When it's your child that's bloody and crying it's not fun. Thus today was more about Sugar's first trip to the ER to get staples. Poor little guy. Thankfully he is ok, sore, but ok. Chuck was recording Bam's hair cut when it happened and you can actually see the whole thing unfold on it. We have another home study visit on Monday so it should be interesting to show up with him with staples in his head.

So thank you to my SIL who not only cut Bam's hair today, but also stayed with Sweet and Bam while we went to the ER. We are very grateful.


Kim & Dave said...

Wow!!! A bit crazy around your house, huh!!?!?

Cute kiddos!!!!

Claudia said...

Trip to the ER?? For STAPLES? Yikes, poor kiddo! Hope he survived - and that YOU survived, too! I'm sure you're righ tabout the blood and guts being much less entertaining when they're attached to someone you love...