Saturday, November 1, 2008


The fever broke and we got to go to the party and trick or treating. Yeah! I think they had fun. I'm not sure they understood at first, but after they got candy, it was all good. They didn't make it very long before calling it quits and heading back to the party. Sugar enjoyed handing out candy to the other trick or treaters once we got back. Bam was still grumpy and it continued all night. Sweet was definitely stuck to mommy last night. All in all it was a pretty good night and the weather was beautiful. Here's a few pics.

Halloween has definitely made me think more about Bam and his nut allergy. I really hope that he's one of the lucky few that out grow it. Not only does he not get to have the easy go to lunch of PB&J, but NUTS ARE IN EVERYTHING! Just look at some candy wrappers, most say processed in a facility or on equipment that processes nuts, or may contain nuts. Even stuff that you would never guess to have nuts. We're going to have to buy some nut free candy when he's older to trade him for what he gets trick or treating or have him trade with Sweet and Sugar. If he doesn't outgrow it Halloween definitely isn't going to be as fun. We'll always have to inspect for safety and read labels.

Grandma A got the kids new shirts for Halloween. They are wearing them today and look too cute in them.
Can you tell that she didn't want her picture taken? She has fallen in love with everything pink and Elmo. So a pink Elmo shirt could not be any more perfect.

My little monkey. Too cute. And yes his pants are rolled at the top. I haven't taken in this years pants yet. The poor kid is too skinny to hold them up. Even the adjustable waist pants fall down and I can't find a belt small enough to fit him. Plus we're going to try potty training soon and a belt won't make that any easier. At least he smiled for me. He loves to have his picture taken. Every time the camera comes out he starts saying CHEESE.

My little Charlie Brown. I guess we should have named him after his father. Too funny. Definitely a perfect shirt for him.

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Julie said...

hi, sorry, popped over here from and saw this post. We have these for our skinny-minnie girl and like them.

The kids are tooo cute!