Saturday, November 22, 2008

National Adoption Month

This month is national adoption month. I think that it's fitting that it's November, the month of Thanksgiving. Everyday I am thankful for all of my children. I couldn't imagine life without them. All three of them are so incredibly different, yet all are amazing in their own ways. Each of them has their own unique personality. It's funny to see three children within a year of each other in age, raised by the same people,yet they are so different. I love to look back and see how they've grown, changed, and learned. They truly are amazing little people.

Recently I brought out Sweet and Sugar's life books to show them. They were enthralled with their pictures. Looking at the books brings back a lot of memories for me. I wonder what they remember about their foster moms, if anything. I hope that they'll treasure those pictures and the information that we have about their life before they came home. I'm trying to collect as much information as possible for them. Recently I sent away for some of the information that we had to give to customs. I also learned this week that there is another form that I can fill out to collect the rest of the information the government may have on the kids. I plan on making that request also.

I know that being a blended (or whatever to want to call it) family won't always be easy, but I hope that they always know that they were always wanted and loved. I hope that we can instill the knowledge that adoption is a choice of love on all sides.

People still ask how the three get along or what it's like to have all three. As you can see from the pictures they are all just normal brothers and their sister. They have their fights, but they love each other. They kiss each other before bed, they give hugs, they hold hands in the car, they're concerned when another is upset, they don't know life without each other. I hope that close bond that they currently share will always be there. For now, they are best friends. Even though they're getting bigger every day, they'll always be my babies.

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Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

What sweet faces! Thanks for the reminder that November is National Adoption month. My husband's sisters have adopted so many kids that there are now more adopted grand kids than there are natural born. LOL!