Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quiet Lately

I've been pretty quiet on here lately. Not much on my mind I guess. Just battling sick kids. Sugar did finally get better, but woke with a fever yesterday, fever's gone today. Sweet has a cough and runny nose today. Bam has a bit of a runny nose. It amazes me that three kids who eat well, get lots of physical activity, get lots of sleep, and aren't in day care or school get sick this much. Who knows. I just want healthy kids for Thanksgiving. I don't know that we'll get to partake in the festivities if the kids are sick. I would hate to get our grandparents or anyone else sick for that matter.

I did get a letter back yesterday in regards to my info requests for Sweet and Sugar. I was pleasantly surprised to get a response that quickly. I was not happy when it said that it could take 120 days to get the info. Seriously? I know of people recently getting it in about four weeks so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

My arthritis (yes I'm in my 20s and have arthritis, apparently due to pregnancy, they never mention that do they?) has been doing better lately. I'm not sure if it's due to me being off of work; not using my hands like I did at work/less stress, or if it's the stuff I've been taking. I stopped taking the rx awhile ago. (I'm NOT recommending that anyone just stop their meds!) The idea of starting daily meds in my 20s doesn't sound like a good idea to me, regardless of how safe the Dr said it was even though he wanted to monitor my blood work to make sure. So instead I'm taking the over the counter Osteo Bi Flex and eating turmeric every day. Turmeric is aweful. I mix a little (and I do mean a little) in with my oatmeal in the morning. I hate the smell and the taste of it, but maybe it's helping.

I've even been able to start doing some of my old work outs. I've been able to start lifting a couple of times a week and I'm using my treadmill again. The arthritis is in my hands and my feet, which made those things difficult. I'm definately happy to be working out again. I feel so much better when I am.

Sweet and Sugar's new favorite thing is to argue. They will sit in their high chairs or be in the play room together and just start yelling NO! at each other for no apparent reason. It's highly annoying. I really hope that this faze doesn't last too long.

Here's some cuteness to put a smile on your face.

Sweet in my robe from when I was little.

Sugar screeching in delight at his brother after their naps.

Bam post nap. Looks fine from the front, but the hair is pretty rough in the back. Pictures just don't do it justice.

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