Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Quality non kid time is a hard thing to come by sometimes after you have those precious bundles of joy at home. With Chuck working night and needing to sleep during the day or evenings, it becomes a challenge to see each other let alone have quality time together. It is an effort to keep our relationship up. Relationships aren't easy, they do require maintenance to run smoothly. The relationship that you had with your spouse before the kids came along is the reason that you and your spouse decided to have children in the first place. Make sure to put the needed effort into your relationship. Make time together even if it is just staying up to watch a movie or talk (we watched Strangers last week, very creepy).
Don't forget that your friendships also need maintenance. Once kids come along friendships can change. Friends that aren't married or don't have kids may drift away. Maybe they or you think that there's nothing in common to talk about or maybe they don't know when a good time to call is (sometimes there isn't a good time, but you need to make time). Don't forget to put effort into your friendships. Everyone needs a few really good friends to connect with.

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