Thursday, November 6, 2008

Off My Horse

I will say one more thing before I dismount. I definitely recommend reading the left behind series.

Back to normal stuff. Today was a pretty good day. Chuck was able to accomplish a few things off of his to do list. Plus he actually wrote out a list of things he wants to get done, so maybe I can help with a few things when kids are sleeping. One of the things he did today was turn Bam's car seat around to forward facing, which makes the fact that I no longer have babies, only toddlers final. Bam definitely enjoyed the new view on the way to and from the Dr office tonight. He actually stayed awake, which has never happened. He normally is asleep within about 2 minutes of leaving the driveway. If only I could have afforded to pay someone to drive him around all night when he was a baby, maybe he would have slept through a night before 5 months. But that's another story.

We also got to take the kids to the park today. I wanted to take them for a walk through the woods before the weather got cold and wet again. It was definitely fun. We walked a couple miles though the woods and around the park and then they got to play on the play ground for awhile. Sweet and Bam were pretty pooped by that time so they didn't play that long and definitely not long enough for Sugar's liking and yes, he let us and everyone else within a 20 mile radius know what his opinion was.

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