Thursday, October 30, 2008

This and That

So Bam still has a fever. It's now Thursday night and it's still here. So we ended up at the Dr's today. I can handle it for awhile, but after awhile, it's old and I want an explanation. They ended up testing him for strep (-) and then came to the conclusion that it's roseola. We're hoping that this is it and that he will drop the fever tomorrow. I'd really like to take the kids trick or treating in their awesome costumes that Grandma A made them, but I also don't want to infect anyone at the party if it's something else. At least no one else in the house has gotten sick yet.

His fever seems to go away with meds and he acts like himself when he's on the meds, until today. Today we decided that we were really tired. We fell asleep on Dad shortly after breadkfast. Dad loved it, but wasn't as excited about it when he realized that this was Ban's game plan for the day. We ended up waking him up after 2 1/2 hours (he normally doesn't take a morning nap). He also slept on the way to and home from the Dr. and then acted like he wanted a nap when we got home, but that got vetoed. Poor little guy, hopefully the sleep will help kick whatever it is.

So we finally carved a pumpkin tonight and the one child that I didn't think would go near it, was the only child that wanted anything to do with it. She absolutely loved it. She played in the gook for probably 45 minutes.
So I had planned on attempting to potty train Sugar soon.Sweet had shown interest in it a few months ago and then suddenly decided it was no good. Sugar has been having fun sitting on the potty lately, but Sweet was still timid, until last night. Last night she announced potty and took off for the bathroom. She pooed on the potty (very exciting, you'll understand when you have to potty train a child). So we cheered and she got a Dib (they are great little individual treats) which have become the special treat for pooing on the potty. Today she asked to sit on the potty about 4 times but no results. Then tonight, she comes over to me and says potty, but has already done her business. I explain that it's too late for the potty because she already went in her diaper. This was traumatizing. We demanded a treat in tears for atleast 30 minutes. I guess it's going to take awhile to figure out the whole treat is for using the potty and not just for pooing. Hmm This should be lots of fun.

A picture of Sugar from earlier this month, just because I can't leave anyone out. Plus I love this picture. He was watching leaves fall from the trees.

Lastly I had to include a picture of Bam in his coat. It's a hand me down from Sugar. Somehow I didn't think to look for a winter coat for Bam. I must have just been planning on him fitting into Sugar's old stuff, but that's certainly not going to work. This coat won't fit him for long, but it's cute while it lasts.

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