Monday, November 3, 2008

More Beautiful Weather!

It is gorgeous here today! I took the kids out to play this morning, which made them and myself very happy. I miss being able to take them out whenever they need to blow off some steam. They say that it's supposed to be nice all week. I hope that they are right. Hopefully we'll all have some fun in the snow this year once it shows up. Last year we didn't get to enjoy it too much.She decided to pick every dandelion that she could find. She was running around the yard squealing trying to find more.

I'm not sure what this tree did to deserve kisses, but it got quite a few this morning. Silly girl.

My little athlete.

The swing always seems to make this little guy extra sleepy.

It's really amazing to see how much the kids have changed since last year. At this time last year, no one was walking let alone talking much. Now all three are running, climbing, jumping, etc. Sweet and Sugar can say their ABCs and count to 10. They learn so much so fast. Last year I taught Sweet and Sugar some sign language and it really helped before they could talk. Now they love signing and will sign while they talk or they'll sign to us or each other for fun. I'm starting to try to get Bam to sign, but he's defiantely not as interested in it as they were. He's not nearly as interested in book either. Sometimes I'm glad that I only have two gabber gaws talking and other times I think it would be so much easier if Bam could communticate a little better.

Well, the yogurt turned out ok. It's definately yobaby consistancy, which is a little runny. After you add fruit it's really runny, but the kids like it. I think I'll add some gellitin the next time I make it though.

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