Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Done

Well the future of our country has been decided. Now that Democrats are in control of the White House and Congress, lets see if they can actually fix everything that they claim they can. I hope that the transition goes as smoothly as possible and that this doesn't turn out to be a big mistake. I'm afraid of Obama's lack of experience. I'm afraid of other countries taking advantage of that, or how they may challenge him. I'm afraid that we may have another attack here on our own soil. I'm afraid that his health care plan will get implemented and drive this country that much farther into debt (Hawaii tried a similar one and had to shut it down after a few months because it was way too costly). I'm afraid of his take to the rich to give to the poor (robin hood want to be) ideas that make me think of socialism. Last I knew America was a great nation because it was a democracy and people could have hopes and dreams of achieving great things, and getting to hold on to what they earned. I hope that my fears are not realized. Just my opinion, please don't send hate mail.

On a lighter note. We got out and went shopping today, just to get out. The thought of having another day like yesterday was too much. We went to the outlet malls to walk around and so we could ride the train (they are Sugar's favorite thing in the world right now). The train was down for maintance, which was a huge bummer, but Sugar took it really well. I think he was just happy to be somewhere different.

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