Monday, February 23, 2009


Sweet did it. No accidents yesterday. We had special treats last night for being successful in our last battle with the potty. We celebrated and cheered for her. During which Sugar decided that he had enough of hearing how wonderful Sweet is doing. Every time I said something good about Sweet he would reply with Good Job Sugar (ok fill in his real name for those of you who know)! Too funny. He's starting to ask to use the potty more, but is just sitting for now. I'll take it though. It is a step in the right direction. Sweet also got to pick out what big girl panties she was going to wear today instead of the training panties that she's been in thus far. It took a few minutes for her to decide between Elmo and My Little Pony. In the end Elmo won out, but she's already requested Pony panties for tomorrow. Too cute my sweet little girl.

We also went shopping today at a store we don't often venture to. It about 30 minutes from home, but not near any of the other stores we normally shop at. Anyways about half way home Sweet requested potty. Ok Sweet we'll be home in a few minutes, can you hold it honey? Wait till we get home and then we'll sit on the potty ok? Guess what! She made it! I'm very excited that potty training has gone so smoothly for her, but I think I'm going to have a long dificult road ahead of me with the boys. Only time will tell.

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sjadams said...

Gage still isn't potty trained:) Good luck, we were before we moved...