Monday, March 2, 2009

Getter Better

Well we decided to take the plunge with Sugar on Friday. Notice I haven't posted since before then. It was a rough couple of days. Yes I do believe he was ready. He was asking to use the potty more at home and while we were out, and asking about undies.

Friday was a really rough day. We had 9 accidents. A lot of success too, but still frustrating. Saturday things got a little better and we had 5 accidents. Sunday 3 accidents. Today 1 so far and I'm pretty confident that it will be the only one. He has only had them prior to nap time for the last couple of days. He's also woken up dry from every nap! Something that Sweet has also done. We're going longer times in between potty trips now, we're up to an hour, and he's still improving every day. Yeah!

I wasn't sure that we would make it through it right now. The first couple of days were really rough. I knew it would be more difficult than it was with Sweet, but wow. We were completely exhausted after the first day, but everyone is doing much better now.

Plus now that Sugar is using the potty and making as he calls it turtles and snakes on the potty, Sweet is starting to do better with going poo on the potty. She hasn't had an accident in probably a week.

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