Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Kids are Eaters

I'm almost afraid of the teen years. They already out eat us on a regular basis. This morning I had to make three adult helpings of oatmeal(the real stuff) and raisins. Then at lunch Sweet ate half a tuna sandwich and two helpings of baked mac and cheese, Sugar ate half a tuna sandwich half a chicken breast and a helping of baked mac and cheese, Bam only ate mac and cheese. He normally is a big eater, but has been refusing lunch for the past week. At least he ate today. I think it's his teeth. He just got a new one this week. He's only one behind Sweet. I think he may get all of his before she does. They routinely out eat me at dinner too. I'd be worried, but Sugar is way underweight, Bam is underweight, and Sweet is average. We may need to buy a farm.

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