Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hope in Sight?

Well Sweet seems to have developed a dislike for pooing in the potty. I know this is common, but knowing this doesn't make it any less frustrating. She now lets me know when she needs to pee. I occasionally ask, but she usually says no when I ask and goes when she wants. I keep reminding her that big girls poo on the potty and she's a big girl now. I took her to the potty several times today and asked/told her to try to poo, but she refused. She did it within in a few minutes of me taking her, while I was changing someone's diaper.

Sugar decided that he would return to trying to go on the potty again today. I'm relieved. I talked to him about starting to be a big boy and wearing undies and using the potty all the time starting tomorrow (and he was excited), but then I realized that we're having company tomorrow. Maybe Monday. We'll see what he thinks of that.

He truly is fascinated by the potty. He wants to flush whenever Sweet goes. He's usually in the bathroom when she's going. He wants to wash his hands, because she gets to after she goes. The fact that she has a piece of paper covered in stickers (rewards) on the refrigerator kills him, he admires it several times a day.

Bam's new fascination is getting up in the face of his brother and sister and yelling/screaming at them. It's this really odd AHHH! It's kind of amusing, I know I shouldn't encourage it. It is rather upsetting to them. Sugar often starts whining and telling him no and Sweet starts to whimper and tell him no. Not the best behavior, but atleast he's not biting and hitting as much. I guess it's a step in the right direction. I keep hoping that he'll be easier once he can communicate, unfortunately for him, he's the only one that speaks caveman around here.

As for us, we're getting a new refrigerator. Our old(I mean old, it came with the house) one just doesn't seem to be big enough for our family anymore. By the time we fill it with the groceries, there's no room to put leftovers in it. Plus it's bad when you're at the store and opting not to buy something because you don't think it will fit in the frig. We will keep the old one in the garage for extras. We were able to get a really good deal. We went to a Sears Outlet and found one that we liked (not what we had origionally hoped for but it's a huge step up from what we have) and to top it off, it was mispriced, but they agreed to give it to us for the mismarked price. The bad news is that our opening is a 1/16 of an inch too short so Chuck had to pull down the cabinet and is going to try to plane it down tomorrow and then stain it. Fun Fun.

Another plus is I finally got out and got a new hair cut. I love the woman I go to. She does a great job, goes off of the little information I give her when I want a new style and always comes up with something I love. Plus she had triplets (a few years behind me in school) so he can understand and relate to what my life is like, which is a very rare quality.

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