Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Present is Finally Complete!

It's been a little busy and crazy around here. We had a skunk spray our house one night while the windows were open and fans were going. Lovely, I know. We finally got the smell out. It was strong enough to make you feel sick. I hate skunks!

As for good news, Bam has suddenly decided that he would like to use the potty before naps and bedtime. He comes in and pulls the little potty out strips and almost always does his business. I am shocked and very pleased, but not ready to start potty training again. I'll let him lead for now, maybe this fall or winter I'll work with him. For now, I'm happy with him using it when he chooses. He's still young so I'm not pushing it. I can't believe that he'll be two this month or that my other kiddos will be 3 next month. Time really does fly after kids and they do grow way too fast.

My sister in law had her baby over the weekend. It was her third and was her second biggest at 11#2oz, born one day prior to his due date. Yes that's correct, not a typo. My other nephew was a whopping 11#5oz born on his due date. Thank god I did not get that big bay gene. I think I might have fallen over if Bam had been that big, although I would have loved for him to grow a little more since they made me go through all kinds of extra tests and then induced me because the little bugger wasn't growing.

We found a play set for the kids for their combined birthday present. It was marked way down so we went for it. We finally got it all together this morning. This has been a huge project. Digging out the area, filling it with gravel and then the construction. I now know why they charge so much to assemble them, the huge slide that has 96 bolts in it, and the directions are less than perfect. You think you might want to mention that the last section needs to be rotated in the opposite direction of every other one? Plus there was the issue of missing screws, you think QC might notice that it's 150 screws short and that one of the boards is shattered? Nah looks good. We'll have to have some of the kids friends over to play now that we have something for multiple kids to play on.

It's been dreadfully hot here lately. The kids have enjoyed their time in the water. I gave them some cups to play in the water with and they think that it's the coolest thing ever.

Tonight it rained, which was lovely since I was trying to get the grass cut when it decided to let loose. So we ended up spending a night playing inside. They wanted to color and then practice writing their names so we worked on that for awhile. They still get bored with the idea of having to take turns. So I ended up getting some funny faces while they waited. My response is suck it up you will never be an only child so get used to it.

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Claudia said...

Oh WOW! WHat a present! Bet they just love it :)