Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yesterday we went back to the zoo again. My grandparents get us a membership for Christmas every year. It's a great present. The kids love the zoo and it's a cheap day out for us. We never get to see everything I'd like to, before the kids could walk we could do the entire zoo in 3 hours. Now we take 3 hours to see a third of it, but the kids get to wonder around some and they have a blast. The really important thing, was to see the dinosaurs again, it was the whole reason we went back to this zoo for like the fifth time this year instead of going to another zoo in the area (which we will be going to soon since they have their jelly fish exhibit again). Our zoo has had a dinosaur exhibit several times. This is the first year that we've seen it and the kids love it. They would go daily if I would take them. The dinosaurs are animated and make noises. Bam was a little nervous about them this time. He would go up to them and then when they started roaring, he would take a few steps back. Last time it was busy so we kept them in the stroller, this time they got to roam which was nice. There's one dinosaur for pictures. I tried to get Sugar to put his head in the mouth for a picture, but he didn't like the idea of that. They also got to play on the play ground but Bam just wanted to check out the statues.


katef said...

oh wow those dinosaurs look way cool! My kids would love that.. wonder if I could fly over! LOL

Claudia said...

that's very cool! I got a zoo membership for my birthday thsi year - what a fab present :)