Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good Visit

I had an incredible time with my friends from Grad School. I've definitely missed them. I hadn't seen them since a mutual friend's wedding about 5 years ago. They hadn't changed at all and that's why I love them. We had some fun talking about some of the things we did then and since. With them only being here for such a short time (they're doing a baseball park tour, 6 parks in 7 days) we ended up staying up way too late so I was a little sluggish the next day.

Bam still continues to get worse. I even looked up any other treatments I could find on the internet and tried the only thing recommended that I hadn't already done, but he has 3 more patches starting and looks as if one is getting infected. Oh joy. We'll have to at least get him into the pediatrician this week. We talked to our pharmacist to see if there was anything else for over the counter treatments. He recommended on product so we bought it, but I read the label on the way home it's it's not intended to use on anyone under 18 so I guess that will be going back. From what I read on the internet, we may need to have him tested for more allergies. At this point I just want to know what's causing it so we can get him better.

We have my nephew's birthday party tonight. Hopefully this week will be a little quieter and calmer.

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