Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Baby Boy

I can't believe you're two already. I still remember the day that I found out you were you and that I was going to be a momma to three. How lucky am I? I would not change a single thing. I love watching you grow teaching you and learning from you. Watching your personality develop, you are a very stubborn, very loving, rough and tumble kind of little boy, who is very quick to figure things out when I hope you don't, and yet you take your time on other things. Often you don't seem to know your own strength. You're pain tolerance is something else, which is good since you have no fear and love to climb, jump, run, etc. You are already starting to use the potty (yeah!), working on brushing your teeth, and mimicking everything your daddy and I do (kissing your own booboos has to be my favorite). You take a few minutes to become yourself after waking (you get that from your dad). You are definitely in a mommy stage as you tend to scream momma when I leave your sight and no one can make you feel better as quickly as I can (yes I am reveling in it while it lasts). I love your cuddles and your sweet kisses. You are one of the greatest loves of my life. Happy Birthday Buddy!

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