Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So while I'm glad that Bam is finally talking, I'm not always so happy about what he has to say. He often tells me NO when I ask or tell him to do something. He has also decided that everything is now his and often declares MINE. I think those would have to be his two favorite words right now. He took a spill this weekend (I know huge shock) and lost some skin. His poor little face. He tore the big scab lose before nap so I had to cover it, but I'll have to uncover it, or it too will cause another sore on his face.

All of the kids loved the fireworks are were extremely well behaved, especially considering it was way past their bedtime. We had a very busy weekend, went to the park, three parties, fireworks, and church. It was a busy tiring weekend in which nap times weren't always met to their fullest and bed times were definitely delayed, but they were so good. There were some breakdowns (note the picture of sugar), fits and attitude, but not nearly as many as I expected.

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Claudia said...

ouch!! That is one sore looking face.

I guess that's the big risk with learning to talk - what's going on inside that head mightn't be as cute as the rest of the child... hopefully the vocab will soon extend to 'yes' and 'let's share!!!'