Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not a Preschool Teacher

This week has taught me or rather reinforced my love of my career, which I have put aside for now to raise my beautiful children. I worked with high school kids in an urban area that happened to be a little rough, but not by any means the worst. Most people give me funny looks when I tell them where I worked and how much I loved it. I truly enjoyed working with these kids. For the most part they were good kids, some just needed a little structure and discipline and to have a good influence in their life. Every kid needs someone who is not afraid to say what needs to be said to remind them when they're going astray.
This week I have spent my mornings volunteering for our church's bible school. I did this so that my kids could attend, even though their not 3 yet, they said that sweet and sugar could join the class since they are potty trained if I helped out. Hah. Almost no one in the class is 3. I would love to have a few hours of quiet time in the morning to go to the store or liabrary or do yard work with out worrying about waking a child, etc. But I'm spending it with a group of children, who are wonderful, but they are making that little voice in my head say and this is why you're not a teacher or a preschool teacher. Don't ever consider it as a career option.
Don't get me wrong. I love working with my kids, and teaching them. The older two know their ABCs capitals, and lowercase, phonics, counting to 20, colors, shapes, right from left, etc. I lovw working with them and teaching them new things. It's amazing how fast they learn. But trying to get a group of preschoolers to sit together and focus on a bible story or anything else for that matter is not what I love to do. That is for sure. One more day left. I can make it.
I would so like to not have to go tomorrow. Friends of mine from graduate school are coming in tonight and will be staying tonight and tomorrow night. It would be nice to be home with them instead, but I'm sure they'll need their sleep anyway since they're coming in late.

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Claudia said...

ugh. I totally hear you. I am reminded, OFTEN, why I didn't become a teacher like my mother and sister. Children, fine. But LOTS of children? All at once? And someone else's? Urgh, no thanks!

Hope tomorrow goes okay...