Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taking A Step Back And Running

So I haven't written much lately. Things have been kind of hectic lately. Sugar is definitely not taking to potty training like sweet did, which I expected, but it's still very frustrating none the less. Lots changed for us financially in 07 like change in jobs, going to part time, and adding three kids, so guess what we're being audited. Oh the joy. We've been taking the kids to a local story time lately. I had some CEU stuff lately ( I don't know that I'll ever go back to my previous occupation, but I'm afraid to let it go). I've also joined a group to help those in need in our community and I'm really looking forward to working with the group.

Sugar has definitely challenged my patience and understanding with potty training. I finally wet to completely ignoring accidents two days ago. I didn't even say anything to him about trying to go on the potty or asking him to tell me, etc. Guess what. He finally started telling me when he had to go yesterday. Today he told me quite a few times and the only accident we had was when he didn't get there fast enough, but it wasn't bad. We had gotten more potty books and some potty movies from the library last week. He loves them and while I was putting him down for his nap yesterday he said mommy proud (they talk about the kids being proud of themselves and the parents being proud of the kids for using the potty). I said yes mommy and daddy are very proud and happy when you use the potty. It's a very big boy thing to do. Since then it's suddenly gotten better. I guess he needed to hear that we were proud of him and not just the cheering and letting him know that we were happy that he used the potty. Tonight they had ice cream and pretzels for a snack before bed to celebrate him doing so well.

We also ran tonight. Sugar loves to run and Sweet has been running quite a bit lately too. Bam gets frustrated that he can't quite keep up yet. Sugar and I used to run quite a bit, but haven't lately. I usually tell Sugar and Sweet to run together. Tonight, we all ran. Bam usually wants to be carried since he can't keep up, but instead I got him to hold my hand, which made Sweet want to hold my other hand while we tried (failed, but that was ok) to keep up with Sugar. At one point it was Sugar pulling me, while I pulled Bam, who was pulling Sweet. We all had lots of laughs. We then danced in the kitchen to musical toys and pretended to be polar bears (Sugar's really into pretending to be animals). It was definately a good night.

I don't want you to think that we haven't had any fun lately, tonight just was very enjoyable for whatever reason. We had a really fun night last week too when we turned on one of the music channels and danced for most of the night. I guess these nights were more enjoyable because there was lots of interaction, everyone wanted to play, and there wasn't much fighting. Fighting and tantrums are inevitable with three little ones so close in age so when you don't have any pretty much all night it's an amazing thing.

Sweet had developed quite the attitude lately. I know that she's two, but she's always been my calm one. So when she throws herself on the floor or turns away and won't acknowledge me or just flat out refuses to do what's asked of her, yes it is very frustrating. Yes I know it could be worse. I should be thankful that all of her fits are incredibly quiet. I know she's testing boundaries and asserting herself, but I miss my easy going little girl.

Bam had his check up last week. Dr said that he's skinny and not to worry that he gets mad that I only make him one adult serving of meat and that he'll eat several (like 4) servings of the side when I don't have any more meat for him. Dr said to feed him all he wants. The problem is that we'll go broke doing this. Other than that he's doing well.

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