Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The last few days have been well, hard. I am not getting the sleep that I should. I haven't been for quite some time. I stay up after the kids are in bed. It's my time. I can get done whatever I need too. I can work out, which has taken up most of my me time lately. I can watch TV and veg if I want. I stay up to wake Chuck for work.

Bam is teething. He's working on his last molar, it's FINALLY coming through. Bam does not do well with teething. He doesn't like to sleep much when teething. This means that I'm up late and up early. A tired momma with three kids who are fussy from being coped up and two are teething is not a pretty picture.

We've also been working on getting rid of Bam's passy. Let me add that I never intended for him to use a passy. He was so inconsolable the second night in the hospital that the nurses took him from me and returned him the next morning with a passy, which was definitely not what I wanted since I was nursing him. We tried to get rid of it after he came home, but it ended up being the only thing that could calm him. He's a very oral child. He chews on everything. That's a whole other story though.

Now back to the passy. This has been a long slow process over about two months and no it's still not gone. First I didn't attach it to his clothes anymore. Then I cut the tip. Then I cut more from the tip. This seems to be where teething kicked up a notch and all **** broke out. He has now decided that he will not sleep in his room for a nap. He will sleep on the couch if someone (me) lays by him till he falls asleep.

You might say, well at least he's sleeping. The problem is that if he's sleeping on the couch and the kids and Chuck are asleep in the bedrooms I can't get anything done during nap time (laundry, dinner, cleaning, etc). Lucas also takes the longest nap when he sleeps on the couch which leaves me with two two year olds who I need to keep quiet in the middle of two sleeping people (one at each end of the house).

So yesterday I finally had enough and let him cry it out. This didn't go so well. He cried the entire time he was in there. I felt bad for Sweet and Sugar. So today I broke and gave him a full passy when I put him down for his nap. Guess what! He went to sleep in his room without a protest. I guess I can live with a child who needs a passy to sleep for a little while longer. At least he doesn't walk around with it.

Today Sweet asked to get out of her bath to sit on the potty and she actually went potty! Yeah Sweet. So now she's developing awareness, we just have to get the desire to want to use the potty like a big girl. The other day I showed her the Elmo panties that I have for her. She was incredibly excited about them. I'm hoping that they will be the motivation that she needs. She wanted to wear them today, but when I asked if she was going to use the potty instead of her diaper today she said no. I told her that Elmo doesn't want to get dirty so she can't wear him until she decides to use the potty. We'll see how this goes.

Sweet has entered terrible twos. She has so much attitude at times it's crazy. She is a very opinionated little girl and she also does not like to let the boys near her pink things. If one of the boys tries to put on her hat or slippers, she has a fit. We are definitely developing selective hearing too. She has learned how to ignore already.

Sugar is definitely in terrible twos. He's into taking. He'll walk up to one of his siblings and rip what ever toy they are playing with out of their hands or their hat off of their head and run with it. We also like to tell mom when we disagree with what she has to say. A little bossy at times. I know that it could be a lot worse and I am very thankful that it isn't. He gets lots of praise when he's being good.

We've spent lots of time playing in the snow the last couple of days. It's been very good to get outside and play. Bam didn't take so well to it the first day, but had a blast the second day, and then decided it really wasn't that fun the third day. Sweet loved it the first two days before having lots of attitude the third day and not wanting to play. Sugar was just ok with it the first two days and loved it the third day. Too bad it wasn't good packing snow. We didn't make it outside this morning (which is sad because it was a little warmer so the snow probably would have been perfect for a snowman) and I think it's going to be too cold for the next couple of days, we'll see.

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