Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I love that Sweet and Sugar are getting to the stage that they can recall what they did during the day or week. When I put them to bed at night I tell them that I love them and if it was a good day I thank them for being good and tell them that I had fun with them. Sometimes I tell them what we're going to do the next day.

Sweet has started to tell me her favorite parts of the day while I'm putting her to bed. Last night after I told her that I had fun playing with her she said yeah fun frog and running. We had played downstairs and I found a frog puppet. Sugar was a little taken aback by it at first, but then the frog (on my hand) started talking to him and chasing the kids around the basement and tickling them when they got caught. It made me smile to hear her say that she had fun with it too.

Sweet has finally gotten brave enough to go down the slides like a normal person. Up until recently she went down on her belly feet first. She started going down on her back but lying down about a month ago, but after several head bumps at the bottom has finally realized that mommy is right, it's much better to sit up and go down. Sugar is still to afraid to go down sitting and still prefers to go down on his belly. Bam who always went down the right way now thinks that it's cool to go down on your belly because that's what Sweet and Sugar do.

Bam is starting to use some sign language, which has helped the communication gap. He's also trying to pronounce words, but can't get a whole word out yet. He just gets the beginning of it. Like the other night he had pjs on that had dogs on them. He kept pointing to them and saying do but couldn't get the g sound.

Children are stirring and dinner needs to be cooked. I'm currently uploading some pics onto my computer so maybe some pics tomorrow.

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