Sunday, January 25, 2009

Been Awhile

Haven't said much in awhile. I wasn't feeling so well for awhile and I just seem to have been short on time.

Sweet and Sugar are starting to ask to use the potty a little more, but not always successfully. At least they have some interest. I tried putting Sweet in panties the other day since she asks everyday. I told her she could wear them as long as she let me know when she had to go because Elmo doesn't like to get wet. So much for that, it lasted about 5 minutes. Baby steps.

Sweet has had a fever the last couple of days. It is a lot lower today so hopefully it's on it's last leg. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that no one else gets it. We'll see. Other than being hot she seems to be normal.

We took the kids to the playground at the mall the other day. They had a good time, but it made me very aware of how much they need that. We have a good amount of toys of all types here and they have each other to play with, but other than occasionally playing with their cousins, they don't interact with other kids. They were all shy at first. They didn't know how to react to the bigger kids pushing people around. I wanted to step in, but sat back and watched instead. I don't want my kids to fight, but I don't want them to let others walk all over them and shove them around either. We'll definitely have to start going out to play a little more and see if they start to stand up for themselves a little.

Yesterday I was sure that someone had taken my kids during the night and replaced them with children that I didn't know or like. Children that liked to be mean, hit, kick, instigate fights with each other, take, not listen, and throw lots and lots of tantrums. I was very relieved to find that my children had been returned this morning. I really missed them.

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