Saturday, February 2, 2008

Home Coming

Tonight we're going to go see my friend from work that just got back from his second tour in Iraq. I haven't seen him since Dec of 06. At that time we had just gotten back from our visit trip so he got to see pics of Sweet and Sugar. He was sad that they would old enough to walk by the time he came home, and they are. He didn't even know about Bam at that time since we had just found out. This will be the first time that the kids have attended a high school sporting event. It should be interesting. Hopefully our BIL will be home soon too.

Things are going well with my FIL watching the kids. Everyone seems to be adjusting pretty good. He watched them for us on Friday so that we could go see Cirque de Soleil Saltimbanco. It was truly incredible. The things that the performers can do are amazing. I definitely recommend the show.

Sugar and Sweet are starting to mimic more. Lately it has been animal sounds. They are definitely enthralled with them. It's nice to see some progress in the speech department. While I'd love to have them start using a few words, I'm definitely not worried about it. I know once they start talking, they'll never stop.

A few pics to make you smile.

I love this one.

Bam showing off his sitting abilities.

Sugar and his smile.

Sweet smiling, but always closing her eyes for the pics.

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