Wednesday, April 30, 2008

week of change

Transmission fixed. We are no longer stuck in reverse.Saturday Bam finally figured out forward motion. Since then we are off and moving. Monday we started pulling up on everything. We are no longer happy it seems unless we are standing. We have also attempted to crawl up the stairs several times now.

Sugar has been quite the challenge lately. Poor child always seems to be my challenge. Lately I think we've spent just as much time in time out as playing. Hitting, throwing, kicking, biting, hair pulling, yelling, etc all have become some of his favorite things. I'm not sure what is up. If it's teething, I'm thankful that he's working on his last tooth. If it's because the weather took a downward spiral so we haven't been out playing the last couple of days, I'm happy that summer's coming and dreading next fall all at the same time. Whatever it is, I hope it remedies itself soon.

Tomorrow is also our anniversary. We've been married 4 years now and together for 10. If someone had told that a blind date was going to turn into this in 10 years I would have said they were crazy. Now I think we're going crazy. We've decided not to do gifts this year. Chuck did stop and get us a strawberry casada cake from Rito's on his way home, but we've decided to try to get away for a night or two this summer. We'll see if it happens, it's a good goal, even though I'm not sure I can imagine a night without the kids, I might have a breakdown.

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