Friday, April 4, 2008


I called our social worker today to try to set up our 12 month visit. We've had these guys home for almost a year now. Sometimes it seems like we were in Guatemala yesterday, but it also seems like they've always been a part of our family. We were very lucky to have our adoption go fairly smoothly. We are also very lucky to get them home before all of the politicians decided to get involved with something that is way bigger than they realize. Maybe all of the slow downs will help adoptions in the future, but right now it's hurting the children waiting for their families. Too bad politicians don't think ahead enough to figure out what's best for them.
In the meantime here's some pics from today. Sweet should be able to sport pigtails this year, if she'll leave them in.

Not too sure about these pigtails.
I guess they are pretty cute.
Getting into mischief together.
Really he's not in this that much, it just seems to be where we get our pics taken. If you look close enough you can see his hair.

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