Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Odds and Ends

This weekend was wonderful. Saturday night Chuck and I got to go out to the Brew Kettle. Grandma and Grandpa M took the kids to the mall and to Great Grandma G's. It is so nice to have a date night once in awhile. Sunday wasn't as exciting, taxes, but they're almost done and we're getting enough back to do our windows and doors. Yeah.

The weather has been nice enough that the kids have gotten to play outside a decent amount lately. Unfortunately it looks like Sugar has come down with a virus that causes hives, lovely. At first we thought that he was allergic to the sunscreen from Monday, but now it's weds and it's spreading.

Sweet's really starting to talk now. She's doing good at mimicking words you say, but isn't using any on her own yet.

Some cute pics to share.
My Mayan Princess in her Guatemala dress.
All dressed up and ready for church.
My thumb sucker.

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