Monday, January 28, 2008


Bam turns 5 months tomorrow. Last night was the first time that he slept threw the night. It was incredible to sleep again. Since my husband works nights it's been me who has to get up, plus the fact that I'm nursing. So now I'm playing with the idea of giving him formula before bed, since last night he bottle fed (we went out) and drank 12 ounces in the 2 hours before bed. Most babies are eating baby food by now which helps hold them over, but we have celiac in our family so I don't want to start him on food until 6 months in hopes of lowering his chance of getting it. I just don't think that my milk is enough to tide him over all night.

It was also nice to go out. We haven't gone out much since Bam was born, actually since Sweet and Sugar came home. My parents watch them in the afternoons while I'm at work so I feel bad asking them to watch them at night too. I don't know many people who I think would do well with 2 17month olds and 1 5 month old. My parents are going on vacation soon so it will be up to my father in law to watch them, so it will be interesting. I'm very thankful that he's willing to try it. I hope that it goes well.

We went out with the group of physicians that we work with and the other ATCs. We do it every year, they take us out as a thanks. It's gotten to be a rather interesting event in the last couple of years because of some bad blood between my boss and them, but that's a whole other story. But none the less it's a great meal, good conversation, and an overall good time.

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