Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love PBS

I am a big fan of PBS.  My kids don't watch much tv, but what they do watch is PBS or the Discovery Channel's Life Series.  They used to watch Noggin, which is now Nick Jr.  Most of the shows are not very educational and often they are highly annoying.  PBS shows on the other hand do problem solving, spelling, reading, science, etc.  Sugar's favorite show at the moment is probably their least (practically speaking, although my kids can tell you just about anything about dinosaurs) educational Dinosaur Train.
Today Buddy from Dinosaur Train was at a local mall, along with the woman who introduces all of the shows.  They had a program with the woman (Rosa) reading stories, singing and dancing.  Plus they had a meet and greet set up (unfortunately for which the line was far too long for my kids) with Buddy.  They also had lots of other organizations with kids activities and info.  It was a really nice program and the kids had a blast.

One of the groups had animals for the kids to touch.  They all loved the tourtise.  Sweet and Sugar liked the snake.  Bam was not about to touch it.  Bam did love the frog, but I didn't let him touch it for fear of him hurting it.

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